Cockroaches can be quite annoying and a nuisance. These little creatures will invade your kitchen, feed on your food, and embarrass you in front of your guests. What’s more, their saliva contains microorganisms that cause diseases. Though there are many ways of getting rid of the pests, most of them offer temporary solutions. Fortunately, by following the tips below provided by General Pest Control, you will be able to permanently get rid of cockroaches.

1. Keep Your Surrounding Free of Food Particles

Contrary to the common belief, cockroaches aren’t attracted to dirty surroundings but areas where there is food. This is why they are mainly found in the kitchen and not the garage. Roaches will thrive in regions that have a higher food supply, and to prevent this from happening, it helps to keep the surroundings free of food. Avoid leaving food on top of the counters, refrain from eating inside the car, and always clean up after having a meal.

2. Place a Trap near Their Habitat

Cockroaches live in a community and rarely move. Their homes will be located in dark areas that are a bit out of reach. The first step is identifying their homes and then placing a trap near the entrance/exit. A good trap constitutes of ajar of water that contains a substance that attracts the roaches. On smelling the bait or lure, the roach will rush to feed on it but will unfortunately drop and drown in the jar of water. Common lures include coffee, cocoa & flour, baking soda & sugar and others.

3. Use Sugar and Borax as Bait

Cockroaches are naturally attracted to organic matter such as borax and sugar. The sugar allures the bugs while borax acid destroys their digestive system and dries their exoskeleton. Mix equal proportions of sugar and borax and place it near the cockroaches’ nesting ground, baseboards, cabinets, breaks, sinks and other regions. Within a few hours you should start seeing dead roaches. NB: Borax is very toxic and should be applied in regions that aren’t accessible by children. Also, ensure you wear gloves when preparing the bait.

4. Coffee and Jar of Water

Coffee is known to kill cockroaches. It is still unknown whether it is the aroma or the perk inside the coffee. Place some freshly ground coffee inside a small coffee cup and insert it inside ajar half-filled with water. In the attempt to access the coffee, the roaches will fall inside and die almost instantly. Place the jar near the roach’s nesting place or on its path.

Getting rid of cockroaches shouldn’t be a constant battle. What you need is a method that not only eradicates the bugs but also prevents them from re-appearing. This is what makes the above methods highly suitable. In addition to being effective and user-friendly, the above tips on how to prevent cockroach reinfestation will get rid of any type of cockroaches.